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Date of shipment: 2024-06-12
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Quantity: 4000 sztuk
Search term: 7 dni
Country: Litwa

Detailed description: I'll buy blankets. 4000 pieces. We are a Lithuanian company, contact in Polish. 1. The blanket is designed to protect a person from the cold in emergency situations. 2. The blanket must be rectangular and reusable. 3. Dimensions: width – 150 cm ± 10 cm, length – 200 cm ± 10 cm. 4. Composition of the blanket - at least 60 ± 5 percent cotton, at least 10 percent acrylic, at least 5 percent polyester. Manufacturer's documentation confirming compliance: description of technical parameters or other equivalent evidence. 5. The blanket must meet the requirements of the type I ecolabel awarded to it in accordance with the LST EN ISO 14024 standard "Environmental labels and environmental declarations. Type I ecological marking. Policies and Procedures” or equivalent. Documents confirming compliance: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 quality certificate or equivalent document confirming compliance. 6. The density of the blanket is 350 ± 30 g/m². 7. The blanket must be produced no earlier than 2023, new, unused. 8. The general warranty, counted from the date of signing the act of receipt and delivery of the goods, must be at least 3 years under the conditions specified by the manufacturer. 9. The shelf life of the blanket (during storage) is at least 10 years (provide the manufacturer's declaration). 10. Each blanket must be packed in a plastic bag. Blankets should be packed in a box (no more than 10 pieces in a box), the boxes should be placed on a pallet with dimensions of 1200x800 mm. Each corrugated cardboard box must be marked with: blanket manufacturer, product model or code, dimensions, quantity, year of production, gross and net weight. 11. Together with the offer, the Seller is obliged to submit documents: a description of the technical parameters of the blankets, maintenance/use/storage instructions, photos or other equivalent evidence allowing the identification of the offered product and its properties, as well as the documents specified in point 5.
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