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Date of shipment: 2022-09-19
The goods you are looking for:


Search term: 7 dni
Country: Polska

Detailed description: Looking for: We are looking for a supplier of wooden components - sawmill with carpentry service - constant cooperation. Most of our products, which we use for further production, are based on 4-side planed, cut, spruce, class A B wet and dry elements. We are open to other types of wood. We have a need for a variety of ready-made products, or in the form of components semi-finished products for further assembly, such as scantlings, locks, bevels, boards 20X90X816, 20X60, 30x70 etc. For more details, including quantities, technical drawings, product catalog, please direct contact by e-mail or by phone.
Correspondence in language: polskiSource of the offer
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